Supreme Court A Vacancy on the Court <Justices

Trivia Game

  1. What is the longest period of service on the Court and who holds that record? Answer.
  2. Which president suffered the most failed nominations to the Court? Answer.
  3. Who is the only president in the twentieth century who did not appoint any justices to the Court? Answer.
  4. Who were the two justices to serve non-consecutive terms on the Court? Answer.
  5. The number of justices who serve on the Court is determined by law, not the Constitution, and that size has varied over our history. What is the smallest size that the Court has been and what is the largest? Answer.
  6. Which appointee to the Court died before he could be sworn in to office? Answer.
  7. Name the four associate justices who subsequently were appointed as Chief Justice. Answer.
  8. Which president had no action taken on his nominee to the Court because Congress eliminated the seat by reducing the size of the Court? Answer.
  9. What was the longest period of time during which there were no vacancies on the Court? Answer.
  10. How many nominees declined their nomination to the Court even though they were confirmed by the Senate? Answer.
  11. What is the longest period of time a vacancy has gone unfilled? Answer.
  12. What is the longest period of time a presidential nomination has sat without action from the Senate? Answer.

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